Celebration of Wool Week
Free Lessons!
Spinning & Weaving
Saturday September 6th
Taylor Made Yarns Studio
138 Chelsworth Road
11am to 4pm
Lots of beautiful hand spun yarns to buy! Scarfs, Freeform weaving, knitting patterns, Kits
Dreamcatcher Making!

    With donation to St Elizabeth hospice

FreeForm Weaving

FreeForm Weaving using Hand spun yarn gives a totally different feeling to using commercial yarn. It feels alive with energy and brings your work to life using hand spun yarns. FreeForm weaving is a form of meditation, weaving has been around from Biblical times and is a great way to express emotions and colours. 

"Fairy summer Garden"
All Hand spun yarn and flowers where plied at the time of spinning.

"Ebb & Flow"
All hand spun yarn and skulls added and the time of spinning 

 "Sun Burst"


"Hidden Doors"